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48 Days Eagles

As an affiliate member of the 48 Days Eagles Community, I want to share resources with you that are changing my life as a musician and person. Covid has certainly affected all of us in some way. As a musician, I’ve had to get extra creative. Perhaps you’ve had to do the same in your life and career.

Dan Miller provides lots of helpful resources I’d like to share with you. As you navigate your way through your life, don’t just build a career, build a meaningful life in the other areas of your life, as you work! Serve from a FULL cup.

Click HERE to enjoy 3 free resources from Dan.

As an affiliate member of 48 Days, I earn a commission on every sale made. I have been growing in many areas of my life since I’ve become a part of Dan Miller’s online community and I hope you will find the materials helpful for your own journey.

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