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Portraits of White 2021

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The 7th Annual Portraits of White Concert took place “At Home” in 2020, on DVD. Now you can enjoy this fabulous show anytime you want ALL year long!

Order the DVD HERE.

Around Labor Day, it became clear that we couldn’t offer an in-person event in 2020 due to COVID-19. I cried and grieved. THEN, one night near the end of September, I got an idea. What if we could offer the annual concert on DVD?! We went to work immediately…

This DVD combines repurposed video footage from the past six years’ December concerts, with a few NEW elements we created just for this DVD.

It’s a collection of all the things you love about the Portraits of White Concert experience…in ONE package!

Here’s a little history about why I started the show in the first place.

Years ago, I almost gave up on Christmas. Fortunately, Christmas didn’t give up on me. I have encountered others who have felt this way too and I decided to do something about it!

One of the big reasons I secretly dreaded Christmas was because as a young girl, I had tragically lost two siblings. Christmas called attention to their absence, and I simply didn’t know how to grieve their loss. I began to write songs about this journey — an audio journal of sorts — and years later, it turned into a Christmas album, called Portraits of White.

I wrote the title track while I was driving to Shippensburg on Route 997 (yes, I do write while I drive). The winter snow was blowing and drifting across the road and painting “portraits of white” throughout the Cumberland Valley. The playful song reflects my love for snow. Just like the dormant seeds that sprout after the blanket of winter snow has lifted, life sprung from the long, hard winter of my disenchantment with Christmas, and I found hope.

For the past six years, I have turned the album into a concert experience and the Portraits of White musical extravaganza is becoming a holiday highlight in south-central Pennsylvania. There is truly no other show like it in the area.

Every year, the creative team I put together makes a special effort to ensure that the music for Portraits of White is unique and entertaining; working hard to maintain the nostalgic feel of Christmas while presenting music in a unique way that is new and creative but still leaves you with the warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling you expect during the holidays.

I love offering hope over the holidays by sharing stories, humor and great music. This concert contains all of those elements and more! I’d love to have you and your family make this show a family tradition.

Order the DVD HERE.

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