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FD Music Production

Thanks for visiting my FD Music Production page. I’m Frances, and I’ve been creating music for decades. I started out as a piano player. In my twenties I started hearing melodies and lyrics randomly popping into my brain. I’d sit down at the piano and follow their lead. Then I had the chance to record in a professional studio in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

My first time in that recording studio was one of those life changing moments. I knew that recording was definitely something I wanted to pursue.

In 1999, I wrote and recorded a song I wrote for my sister for her 40th birthday. That song became the title track of my first full commercial CD project. I’ve been writing and recording songs ever since.

Then in 2004, I heard about an organization called Songs of Love. They were looking for songwriters to write and produce songs for children with lifetime disabilities and terminal illnesses. The children are the star of the song and these songs are a real hit with the family. I passed my audition and have been writing for them ever since. That’s where I started learning how to produce songs using my own studio equipment.

People began to approach me about writing songs for their special events and family milestones, so I just kept digging deeper into learning how to produce those songs right here in my own studio. It makes sense that the next step would be to pursue music licensing.

I’ve spent most of my music career as a singer/songwriter/artist and really enjoy the live experience of connecting with audiences. But I also really enjoy creating new music, whether it’s just a solo piano piece or a full-blown song.

You can find my music on the following Royalty-Free Music sites:

Motion Array


You can listen to some of my commercial projects on SoundCloud.

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