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Lyrics – Portraits of White

51d9e-csrfd13_cover10These are the lyrics for my Winter album, “Portraits of White”.

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1 . Miracles / By Frances Drost

Every Christmas I try to spend extra time just reading the Christmas story.  One particular year I underlined all the amazing miracles that took place in the scriptures.  I couldn’t begin to sing about all of them in one song, but here are a few of them.

Long awaited holy one
it was written you would come
we’ve been waiting so have you
is it true is it true

Barren woman giving birth
virgin Mary motherhood
God is speaking in a young man’s dreams
trust in me trust in me

A night of miracles is taking place
God has come in amazing ways
angels appearing shepherds rejoicing
oh what a night this will be
oh what a night this will be

Baby Jesus in Mary’s arms
old man waiting in the temple yard
God had promised he would see this day
celebrate celebrate

Glory to God in the highest
peace and good will to all men

2. One Small Box / By Frances Drost

Originally composed for a radio broadcast called “The Tide”, this song was inspired by a ‘radio’ project they sponsored where villages in India could hear the good news of Jesus just by listening to a small radio.  All it takes are just a few dollars per radio to get them into the hands of villages.

Candlelight and a single rose
set the tone for his love proposed
lifetime of promises
made to the one he loves
all wrapped up in a velvet box

Something big from something small is
nothing short of a miracle
look and see the loving thoughts
wrapped inside that one small box

Daddy’s watching his little girl
ribbons hang in her golden curls
opening packages
finally she gets to his
how she loves her music box

Heaven’s King coming here to earth
not the way you would think he’d work
True love and joy to us
sweet baby Jesus
wrapped in clothes in an old feed box

Village sits by the radio
it’s all they have of a way to know
good news and hopefulness
promise of life it gives
coming through that magic box

3. Song of Joy/ By Frances Drost

Someone asked me to write a song about joy based on a scripture from Isaiah 35 for Advent.  Since I don’t typically write about joy (yes, I need to work on that) it was a real treat to finally write something happy.

Even the desert will be glad and the wilderness rejoice
when the Lord comes near
then blinded eyes will start to see and the deaf ears they will hear
when the Lord comes near

Sing a song of hope sing a song of joy
when the glory of the Lord is near
sing a song of hope sing a song of joy
for the glory of the Lord is here

Then those who know the Lord will sing on the journey as they go
when the Lord comes near
gladness and joy will overcome and the sorrow disappear
when the Lord comes near

Do not be afraid I bring you good news great joy to all
to all the people
today in Bethlehem a savior is born he is Christ the Lord
he is Christ the Lord

4. Joy To The World (instrumental) / By George Frederic Handel,  Isaac Watts,  Lowell Mason

Piano arrangement:  Frances Drost
Orchestra arrangement: Brian Green

5. What If / By Frances Drost

Inspired by a message my Pastor gave one Sunday morning.  Thank you, Terry Burton, for asking the question that inspired this song in my heart and life.

A long time ago in a busy little town
a tired traveling couple made their way into a crowd
all that they wanted was some quiet rest and peace
lay their head on a pillow that’s all they’d really need

He must have been busy the man who kept the inn
when they asked for a place to stay he’d nothing left to give
all of my rooms are full in a weary voice he said
just as they walked away you could see him hang his head

What if that’s heaven knocking at my door
what if I’m missing all that He came here for
something in the air tells me I should care
what if that’s heaven at my door

Wise men are searching as they look into the sky
a star in the heavens will surely lead them right
they want to worship when they find the newborn babe
do you know where we’ll find him can you help us find the way

A king in a palace too proud to bear the news
sent a group of soldiers said he’d like to worship too
but all that he wanted was to slay the newborn King
all alone in the darkness I wonder if he thinks

How many times in the story of our lives
heaven comes in a hidden way we never recognize

6. Portraits of White / By Frances Drost

One very cold, snowy winter day I was driving to the music studio where I was recording my very first CD project “Under The Big Blue Sky”.  The wind was blowing the snow from one side of the road to the other and I was elated by the whispery winds of winter white.  I began to write this song in my mind as I drove.  It is still one of my favorites.

Frolicking frills of falling flakes
dressing the earth in silk and lace
dazzling delicate garments of snow
are warming the earth in the midst of the cold
these are the portraits of white

Whispery winds of winter white
dancing across the star-lit night
twirling and swirling and sweeping the lane
whisking the blues of the season away
these are the portraits of white

Shimmering rays of shining sun
making the winter seem like fun
carving and melting a bend in the snow
wanting a friend who will see where it goes
these are the portraits of white

7. Christmas In Black And White (Carol medley – instrumental)

I wanted to arrange a piece of music for some upcoming programs I’d be presenting around the holidays in 2012.  I decided to tell a story on the black and white keys with a few of the old carols with changing tempos and dynamics that represent the joys, stresses and quiet times of the Christmas season.  Thus the title, Christmas In Black And White.

Silent Night – Joseph Mohr, Stopford Augustus Brooke
Angels We Have Heard On High – Edward Shippen Barnes, James Chadwick
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Author and composer unknown
What Child Is This? – Pietro A. Yon, William Chatterton Dix

Piano arrangement:  Frances Drost
Orchestra arrangement: Brian Green

8. MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) – By Frances Drost

After a young mom gave me a list of all that she goes through with her toddlers, I decided to write a song about it for a MOPs gathering.  The irony of a ‘silent night’ for a young mother gave me the perfect set up for this fun song.  This is for all the moms out there who may not always relate to the idea of a ‘silent night’ but greatly wish for one.  You are a very special group of ladies!

Well a silent night is out of sight for a mom with little boys
what I wouldn’t give for a chance to live in a house without the noise
for it’s hard to sleep when your toddlers creep from their bed to yours at three
though I multi-task it’s a lot to ask to sleep in heavenly peace

MOPs have to mother ‘til they drop
and mothers of pre-schoolers do things they would rather not

There are butts to clean it’s an ugly scene not quite the night divine
and if all is calm there is something wrong and it’s not a real good sign
we don’t like to fish but we have to if our children drop their toys
in the toilet bowl we don’t need a pole our hands we will employ

MOPs have to mother ‘til they drop
and mothers of pre-schoolers get real good at yelling STOP

Guess I’ll have to wait for the sleep I crave ’til the kids are grown and gone
and I stand in faith that I’ll see the day when they get a decent job
and the tears will roll at the great big hole my heart cannot ignore
but it’s hard to see when they have to pee and they tinkle all over the floor

MOPs have to mother ‘til they drop
and mothers of preschoolers have to work around the clock

So we tip our hat to the stage you’re at and wish you peace on earth
and we have to say we are still amazed at the miracle of birth
and we understand when you’re old and grand and you go to bed at five
that you’re catching up at least somewhat on the sleep you were denied

10. Back To The Heart Of Christmas / By Frances Drost

This song came to me in a dream.  That was an unusual experience!  I was humming the tune and lyrics in my dream and when I woke up, I immediately went and wrote it down.  Though the lyrics have changed since then, the melody and concept is still the same.  People seem to resonate with this song, so I’m thrilled to finally be recording it.

It was early Christmas morning and the tree was standing tall
and the presents sat
neatly wrapped
waiting for the touch of eager hands
she wanted to pray
at the start of the day
remember who it was for
in the midst of the lights
twinklin’ bright
in the silence now she prays

Show me the way back to the heart of Christmas
help me to see all that you meant it to be
I want to see You I want to know you better
show me the way show me the way to You

All the family soon will gather they have come from far and near
and she longs to see
joy and peace
flowing in the hearts of those she loves
‘cause the best kind of gift
isn’t wrapped up in tin
it’s love that money can’t buy
so before they’re awake
she won’t hesitate
to say this prayer again

Help me to be like a child at heart
open my life to your love
setting aside the distractions of life
that keep me from the greatest gift of all

11. Ride In The Sleigh / By Frances Drost

Some songs come by inspiration.  Some by perspiration.  When submitting songs to my producer years ago for a Christmas project idea, he challenged me to write something that had the old-time holiday feel to it like the great hits from the past.  This was my attempt and I’m so glad he challenged me to do it.  I really like it.  

Snow is falling
and life is stalling
so let’s take a ride in the sleigh
bells are ringing
kids are begging
let’s take a ride in the sleigh

It’s a great night
for a sleigh ride
just like kids
let’s reminisce
let’s take a ride in the sleigh

Frost is biting
my toes will be whining
but let’s take a ride in the sleigh
we can act like lovers
snuggle together
let’s take a ride in the sleigh

We can sing a carol
in fur apparel
let’s take a ride in the sleigh
stop for cocoa
pose for photos
let’s take a ride in the sleigh

12. You With Me / By Frances Drost

I’d like to dedicate this to Karen Helmuth who has been a very good friend through some very dark times.  I pictured you at your table, Karen, while I was recording this.  Thanks for being present ‘at my table’.  You have been Jesus to me.

Sitting alone tonight at a table made for two
plenty to share only shadows to talk to
what does a lonely soul have to do to be unlonely
at the busiest time of the year

God with us is you with me
his hands and feet are in my reach
I know he cares when you are there
God with us is you with me

What could a baby born in a manger know of me
two thousand years ago is a long time away I need more than a story
wonderful counselor mighty God can you hear me
is there anyone here loving me

Jesus came down to earth to live with us and touch us
his love carries on when we give our love to each other

13. Take Another Look / By Frances Drost

This song started my whole journey on a new perspective of Christmas.  After shopping in a big Christmas shop where I couldn’t find anything representing the Nativity, I started a desperate search for anything in the store that might be Christ-related.  That’s the way my life has been. Searching for what Christmas really means in my life today.  My experience in that Christmas shop was the inspiration for much of the music contained on this project.  No matter what your former view of the holidays, I pray that you will be able to ‘take another look’ and give God a chance to show you new perspectives of his love for you, all year long.

Simple God in a simple place
coming near in a simple way
nestled close to a glittering world
take another look and you can see this God in a manger scene
see the love that was meant to be
simple God simple love so free

Holy God with a holy face
touching lives in a holy way
making way for the ones in need
take another look and you can see this God from a holy place
full of mercy and full of grace
holy God holy love today

Tender God with a tender heart
mending lives who are torn apart
placing love where there’s never been
take another look so you can see this God with his hand toward you
so much now he would like to do
tender God tender love so true

Simple things
in simple ways
are seen by simple hearts
open your’s to a simple truth
simple God
simple love for you

All songs copyright 2013 Frances Drost/Musical Creations except for Joy To The World and Christmas In Black And White medley.

Thank You:

I am so grateful for those of you who have supported my music ministry over the years.  You help make it possible to keep writing and recording more music.  My audience continues to grow thanks to the way you help spread my music as you share it with other people and give me more places to grow as an artist every time I step on to the stage.

Thank you, Carlisle Brethren In Christ Church, (now called The Meeting House) sanctuary orchestra for the amazing opportunity to make music with you.  Playing with you gave me the inspiration to complete this project.  Your music lifts my heart.

Eric Copeland for the ability to hear this project in its finished state before we even began and finding all the right people to make it happen.  Once again, you have been amazing.  You do so much for my career and I appreciate it!

Phil Naish for working with me on the vocals for this project.  You were so helpful and easy to work with.  I especially appreciated the encouraging words and conversations.

Brian Green for the incredible arranging and orchestration you have provided on this project.  It sure sounds like Christmas!

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