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In this exciting podcast, Brand New Me, I share stories of overcoming life’s obstacles to inspire and offer you hope. I want to help you thrive in life, not just survive.

I am a concert artist who has enjoyed decades of music ministry where I could share my songs and stories from stage. I have spent a lifetime cultivating a heart that’s alive and I’m always seeking to grow and improve.

One recurring theme in my life seemed to be dealing with loss. I’ve had to work through the loss of two brothers, both parents and other close family members. The after effects of all these deaths became apparent in my songwriting; and once I began to understand how deeply I had been impacted, I was able to begin moving toward healing and joy.

Then, in my forties, I found even more freedom after uncovering a pattern I had developed all through my life that I call “performance-based” Christianity. You’re only as loved as your last great performance when you struggle with this kind of thinking. This tendency resulted in some powerful fear and anxiety, leading to depression.

After lots of prayer, some counseling and a four-month adventure of learning to figure skate, a brand new me has slowly been emerging. As I’m learning more about God’s grace and mercy, the title, Brand New Me, seemed like an appropriate theme for my new music project and now, podcast.

I’m excited to use my studio to share gleanings from living life one day at a time and I share my thoughts with you in the form of this podcast. You’ll hear my music interspersed throughout the episodes.


In episodes 1 – 105, you’ll hear the wonderful voice and personality of Pam Fleming. She helped me start this podcast. After 2 years of weekly podcasting, in July of 2018, we decided to take a break. While on break, a few things happened. I continued building my Portraits of White annual Christmas show and then the COVID pandemic hit. Pam (along with her husband) bought a home in Florida—though I think buying a home in Florida had nothing to do with the pandemic. 🙂

After seeing that people are still downloading past episodes, I (Frances) decided to start podcasting again. I also had to put Portraits of White on the shelf due to the pandemic so it freed up some space in my life.

I miss having Pam on the podcasts! Maybe she can come back in the future as a special guest from time to time—if I can drag her back to PA somehow and we can get past this COVID season.

You should still meet her since she was such an integral part of the first 105 episodes!

I, (Pam) am an author and speaker who has lived through the loss of my 14-month-old daughter, a bout with cancer, a marriage betrayal, and the final blow – the suicide of my husband. If I can get off the couch, you can too!

My passion is for everyone to experience Jesus in a personal way; to see people healed from shame, depression, grief and the spirit of suicide; and to bring suicide awareness to the church.

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