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Speaking Topics

Topics or themes may be developed at your request to fit your event, but we’d prefer that you first look at the ones we’ve already created here before we discuss new topics. Don’t worry about the number of sessions – these can be adapted to fit your weekend event!

Music is usually woven into any of these themes – that is one of Frances’ unique abilities. Frances is very story-based in her presentations since she finds that stories are more easily remembered by audiences long after you leave the session. She weaves her own stories and songs into each presentation, accompanied by scriptures and lessons we can all learn.

1) Brand New Me – Based on II Corinthians 5:17

Session 1: “Skating my Way to a Brand New Me” – A musical presentation where Frances shares her own story of transformation. This makes a great Friday night opening session to a weekend retreat.

Session 2: “Powerful Prayer: Praying Our Way to a Brand New Me” – the power of prayer in our lives

Session 3: “Powerful People: ‘Peopling’ Our Way to a Brand New Me” – the power of other people in our lives

Session 4: “Powerful Play: “Playing Our Way to a Brand New Me” – the power of play

2) The Sheltering Tree – Based on Ezekiel 17:22-24 (The Living Bible)

This is a fun topic as we look at how trees provide shelter, how Jesus provided spiritual shelter for us at the cross (His tree) and how we, in turn, provide shelter for others under the tree of our lives.

Session 1: Light-hearted session to kick off the weekend.

Think of how many memories you have involving a tree: hiding Easter eggs under a tree, your family Christmas tree traditions, your family tree, etc.

Session 2: Every tree starts with a seed and soil.

What is your seed? How is your soil? What is your unique “thing” that you can plant and offer to others?

Session 3: The roots and the trunk.

What are you rooted in? How is your root system these days? Are you abiding in the vine (the trunk)?

Session 4: The branches and fruit.

Your gifts, unique abilities can actually provide shelter for others.

3) Working Out On The Inside Things.

Do you ever feel as if you could be a better person if only your circumstances could change and then when your circumstances change, you find the same old attitudes and habits are still there and you begin to realize that it’s not the circumstances that need to change – it’s YOU that needs to change?

This session is a singer/songwriter’s journey, based on Psalm 73, through story and song (with France’s own journey woven in) about finding true joy no matter what the circumstances. Take an honest look at the ‘inside things’ of your soul and let God change your perspective, with or without a change in the outward circumstances.

4) How To “Dress” In Times of Stress.

When women have somewhere special to go, one of our first thoughts is – WHAT WILL I WEAR? These are stressful days – recession, job losses, flu epidemic, war, etc. far cry from a special occasion, but this is exactly the right time to be thinking about what you should wear. But it’s not the kind of clothes you might be thinking of.

Session 1: It’s Time to Play Dress Up.

Dressed in outfits that are too big for them, little girls have a great time playing dress up. Christ has come to clothe us in garments that might feel unnatural to us, but because we belong to Him, they are fitting for us. Let’s dress up in His righteousness and any other good garment we can find!

Session 2: It’s Time To Clean Out The Closets.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet just staring at your clothes? You see hanging before you a few items you love next to many that you are tired of. This is a fun way to compare cleaning out your clothes closet with cleaning out your heart closet. Let’s get rid of the bad attitudes and other items that don’t look good on us!

5) Finding your seed.

This is a fun session that involves 2 (or can be 3) parts. We take an in-depth look at how to find your seed and then how to develop it. Discover what you were born to do!

Do you know what you were created to do or be?
Do you have gifts and abilities but don’t know what to do with them?
Do you know your place in the body of Christ and are you using those gifts to fill your place?

6) Miss America or the Miss Kingdom?

Lots of fun, creative ideas come out of this topic for a ladies’ retreat. The theme centers on what the Kingdom of God is desiring in a woman vs. what the world requires to be ‘Miss America’.

Session 1: What Is A Woman of God?

A Biblical view of what God loves in a woman. Finding yourself in Christ! (knowing who we are in Christ is foundational to our self-esteem)

Session 2: How Am I Shaped?

Need help figuring that out? It’s not the ‘shape’ you might be thinking.

Session 3: Shriveled Sarah.

Don’t dismay – new life comes from even a shriveled potato…..a fun look at gardening analogies and how God uses us no matter what stage of life we find ourselves in.

Session 4: You Were Born For Greatness!

Discover some keys to pursuing your dreams from a favorite Bible character.

Session 5: Do You Have What It Takes To Bring Home The Crown?

What kind of crown are we talking about?

7) A Worship Weekend

This is a great theme for anyone who wants to learn more about true worship. Seasoned with some sweet times of worship – this is a potentially powerful time together.

Session 1: Exalting God in the Midst of Life-related Disorders.

An in-depth look at the power of praise in the midst of life.

Session 2: Do You Worship Like A Cat Or Like A Dog?

A humorous look at how similar our worship might be to these favorite house pets.

Session 3: Offering vs. Offering Plate.

The offering plate is only a vehicle used to carry our offering. The music is only a vehicle to help us worship. This session takes a challenging look at the controversy between hymns vs. choruses, traditional vs. contemporary and band vs. organ, etc.

Session 4: Extravagant Worship.

Gather your day timer, matches and perfume – it’s time to worship…..extravagantly!

Session 5: Missing The Point.

Like the men who complained that the signage above Jesus’ head as He hung dying, we are often guilty of missing the point of worship because we are too worried about whether we are singing from the hymnal or the wall, with drums or with organ, hymns or choruses, one song or thirty minutes. Let’s look beyond the ‘signage’ and into the meaning of what we are actually doing when we sing together in our gatherings.

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