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francesdrost_2016_eaf7225_fFrances Drost is a concert artist and inspirational speaker who began her own company, “Musical Creations” as a way to encourage people on their journey through life. Take years of life experiences distilled into “three-minute messages” of lyric and melody, interwoven with story-telling in between and you get the unique ministry of singer/songwriter Frances Drost.

As both a singer and songwriter, Frances has a unique way of presenting real-life experiences and meaningful messages that are subtly woven throughout her music. In fact, it has been said, “Be careful about inviting Frances to your home; she may write a song about you.”

Since we don’t really seem to go to each other’s homes these days, you could now say, “Be careful about commenting on Frances’ Facebook page – she may write a song using your comment.” Either way, she finds a way to write music to encourage her audiences using real-life experiences.

Having served for a total of over 16 years on staff as the Director of Worship at various churches, Frances brings that experience into her worship leading at conferences and churches. As a worship leader, she has shared many platforms with well-known author and Women of Faith speaker, Carol Kent. She has also shared the stage with Kay Arthur, Dee Brestin, Ruth Graham, Margaret Feinberg, Bonnie Keen and Ellie Lofaro. Frances has also been featured as a guest on the Chris Fabry Live Radio Show.

Frances is also a songwriter for Songs Of Love – a nonprofit organization that connects songwriters with terminally ill children. She has composed and recorded hundreds of songs for the families with their child as the star of the song.

“I understand that music is a powerful, God-given tool which touches people and I greatly enjoy using my gifts to minister to listening hearts.”

Frances has 8 CD projects and several singles available for purchase both on this website and many other sites such as iTunes, CD Baby, etc.

“Portraits Of White” is her most recent Christmas/Winter release. A beautiful wintery mix of familiar carols and new tunes, instrumentals and vocals, you’ll enjoy the sounds of Christmas on this project.

dsc_0184-2Portraits of White” has turned into more than just a CD project; it is now a beautiful piano/orchestral winter concert featuring a mix of songs from her winter album and beloved holiday favorites. The musical extravaganza also features other talented local musicians. People are calling it “the highlight of their holiday”.

Frances finished a new project in December 2016, titled “Brand New Me”. It’s an audio-journal of the work God has been doing in her life in the past decade and challenges audiences to believe that God can still change a heart and make you into a new creation.

Frances was the also the winner of the 2009 Momentum Award for “Female Artist Of The Year” and was also nominated for “Inspirational Artist Of The Year” at the 2009 Momentum Awards ceremony in Nashville, TN.

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