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“Frances Drost is a gifted servant of the King! She is an extraordinary worship leader and her passionate heart for God, combined with musical excellence that includes superior vocals and fine-tuned keyboard skills, will lead you into the very presence of God. I highly recommend her as a speaker, a worship leader, and as a concert artist.” –  Carol Kent, President  Speak Up Speaker Services Carol Kent

“While Frances Drost is an accomplished singer and songwriter with amazing keyboard skills, it’s her love for the Lord that makes her an extraordinary Worship Leader. She has a servant’s heart which is endearing, and brings passion to the platform. Frances served as the Worship Leader for the 2015 Auxiliary Presidents Conference of The Gideons International and for The Auxiliary Sessions at the 2016 Gideons International Convention. Frances is a delight to work with and is intentional in selecting music to compliment the program or the speaker’s topic. She easily connects with her audience, which for us includes a diversity of age, ethnicity and denominations. I highly recommend Frances, you will not be disappointed!”
René Lucas, President, The Auxiliary of The Gideons International

“I would highly recommend Frances Drost’s Christmas Concert and ministry. She had a perfect blend of relevant personal testimony, lyrics that touched your heart, and highly professional instrumental and vocal talent. Many in our church mentioned that they could really relate to her stories of struggling to be joyful at Christmas. I think all of us have gone through at least parts of the journey that Frances has tread. She reminds us that God is right there in the journey waiting to lead us through to the place of joy and peace. Thank you Frances for a wonderful Christmas Celebration!” – David Erisman, Pastor, South Mountain Chapel BIC Church

“What I appreciated about ministering with Frances was her desire to work with me so that the worship really prepared the women’s hearts for the message. When I was speaking on the Bridegroom and using some dance imagery, she found the perfect song. When I was speaking on women’s friendships, again, she found the perfect songs. We got many comments on how well the music went with the messages. I highly recommend Frances!” – Dee Brestin, Dee Brestin Ministries

“Not often does a songwriter come to me with the depth of lyric, stark emotion, and just plain strong melodic sense that Frances Drost brings with her songs. I’m so excited to release her new CD “Inside Things” under the Creative Soul Records banner I can hardly stand it. This fits exactly the kind of “next step” artist we are looking for. Someone who has become a “student of the game”, done her homework, and in the process has transformed herself into an artist and songwriter at the top of her game. I expect great things from Frances’ music and ministry.” – Eric Copeland, President, Creative Soul Records

“Frances Drost was the Praise and Worship leader for the 50th Anniversary conference for Protestant Women of the Chapel-Europe in Willingen, Germany. Military spouses, female soldiers and Chaplains from all over Europe gathered for a 5 day conference of Worship, Instruction and Enrichment Workshops.

Frances truly organized each segment of Praise and Worship so that there was a seamless flow of worship music. Her ability to weave contemporary music with powerful hymns made the worship experience a blessing for women of many faith backgrounds. Because Frances is not afraid of contemplative silence carefully woven in-between songs we truly sensed the Lord’s presence.

PWOC is a military ministry that recognizes the many stresses on military families because of deployments and redeployments. Therefore the women and chaplains come to conference hungry to be in God’s presence. Frances was the vessel God used to fill our hearts with joy and guide us through music to the throne of grace. Frances truly has an unobtrusive style and the focus was on the Lord. The evaluations after conference were absolutely glowing. Women were truly ministered to by the prayerful and uplifting music of Frances Drost. I would gladly have Frances come back again.” – Victoria Robinson  President  Protestant Women of the Chapel-Europe

“Frances has an incredible sense of where her audience is coming from. She has the ability to put life situations into song with depth of feeling and insight into people’s soul. Part of her gift to do this comes from her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s nudging and guidance. She puts this soul into her onstage presentations and has the ability to draw people in the audience into the program. She makes them feel as if she were presenting to each individual. As she draws the audience in to her, they realize that she feels the things they do, is genuine and can put this to music. ” – Lyle K Blackketter – concert attendee

“Thank you for coming to Sandy Cove to minister in music and through the Word. You have a wonderful musical gift and you share it extraordinarily well! I also sensed a heightened degree of attentiveness during your message from the ladies compared with the norm. You could hear a pin drop while you were speaking! All of the written comments indicated that the women enjoyed the whole program. Thank you for all of your excellent preparation and for your very insightful message.” – Candy Davison  Women’s Ministry Coordinator  Sandy Cove Ministries  North East, MD

“Calvary Baptist Church enjoyed immensely our Worship Weekend with Frances. Our sessions together were a good mix of teaching, music, and prayer. Frances helped us to see that so much of the time we “miss the point” of worship. We tend to focus on what order worship follows, who is taking leadership, what type of music is used, what instruments are played, and even what container is held out for our offerings. Worship is not about us. It is about God! He is WHO we worship!! Our attitudes make all the difference! We were blessed to have Frances share her gifts and her humble spirit with us. It was a weekend well spent!” –  Rev. Carol West  Assoc. Pastor  Calvary Baptist Church Newark, DE

What kind of things did you find most meaningful about Frances’ ministry?

“Sings from her experience and testimony of God’s grace in her life. Believable, sincere, uplifting, points to Christ.” – H. Carl Shank  Associate for Field Services/Church Health Consultant

“Articulates clear Gospel message in a fresh contemporary way and sound. Passion for worship and leading others in worship.” – Ray D. Hock  Bishop of Allegheny and Susquehanna  Conferences for the Brethren In Christ Church 1998-2002

“Openness to the Holy Spirit, leading people to worship and easy to work with.” – Joseph R. Baer  Former Pastor/South Mountain Chapel

“Frances was a part of our annual renewal weekend. She brought a meaningful emphasis to our worship through song. Her depth of Christian character and beautiful music were a great blessing to us. All was of highest quality.” – Pastor John P. Walker

What specifically about her ministry could you recommend to others?

“Presents a believable, Christ-oriented, uplifting message of God’s love and grace.” – H. Carl Shank  Associate for Field Services/Church Health Consultant

“Ministry is done with intentionality and excellence. Does an excellent job of blending her ministry with the local church or group she is ministering to or with.” – Ray D. Hock  Bishop of Allegheny and Susquehanna  Conferences for the Brethren In Christ Church  1998-2002

“Very gifted at leading others into worship through performance and worship leading.” – Rev. John P. Walker  Former Pastor/West Shore BIC

“The songs of Frances reached deep into our souls, brought up warm childhood memories and left us with a renewed spirit.” – Susan Kille The Gala Event, LLC

“It is not just the voice, the original songs, or the unique extension of background music with her “live” voice. Frances worships and leads worship with a soul in love with God, a spirit at peace in Christ, and a heart grounded in Holy Spirit joy which defines the words. She allows God to love, heal, forgive, encourage, inspire…………..simply be God through her. Experience the joy of the Lord through Frances.” – Myrtle E. McCall Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church

The following reviews are from Musical Notes & Root Beer Floats Events. These are special concerts that Frances offers in the privacy of her home studio for small groups. To learn more about “Notes & Floats” contact

“I particularly liked the way she interspersed her life story with her music making. It is so inspirational. She gave us time to react to the music. Lover her humor too.” — Robin Liebersohn

“The music for me was extremely powerful. I never experienced anything like it. I could feel it, at times my eyes were full. I tried to hide it. It was an experience that I will never forget. Very emotional for me. The fact that she asked each one of us about ourselves said a lot to me and she seemed as though she really cared and wasn’t just making small talk. She was very genuine.” — Nicky Gough

“Frances was just who she is, no pretense, no hiding issues. She didn’t mind when we asked a question. I loved the give and take. The music was inspiring and/or comical, enough of both. A sense of humor is important to me. I left feeling comforted and inspired.

I think it met all of us on a very personal note so that we all walked away with a different message and that is a gift from the Holy Spirit.” — Kathy Temple

“For me, spending time with Frances in her piano studio/living room was an intimate way to get to know her and the stories of her life behind the music she writes and sings. We were up close and personal as she shared and sang and played the piano. She even invited us to stand right behind her in order to see her fingers “tickles the ivories!”

If you have something to celebrate and are looking for the perfect way to do it, or if you just need a little outing with friends; Notes & Floats is a perfect venue for it. You will come away inspired and encouraged, not to mention filled from the conversations and delicious root beer floats afterwards.” — Ann Judd

“It was a little foretaste of heaven. Every time I’m in your presence, I walk away uplifted and inspired. Notes and Floats did not disappoint!” — Tracy Mertes

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