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Portraits of White – The New Album by Frances Drost

powcoverThe new amazing album by Frances Drost is now available!

This beautiful winter and holiday themed album will keep you warm and glowing through the coldest winters and all through the year. The title song, “Portraits of White” is a completely unique song as only Frances could write and sing. In fact, that’s Frances singing over 100 times to achieve the heavenly effect the vocals provide.

Other songs that fit the winter season are “Ride in the Sleigh” and “Joy to the World”, but beyond Christmas songs there are beautiful ballads like “One Small Box”, “What if” and “Take Another Look”. You’ll also find some of the best solo piano work Frances has done to date.

Add to that amazing orchestral scores by Nashville’s Brian Green, and you have a true masterpiece. One listen and you’ll see.

Find out more and hear every song at


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