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Portraits of White – A Winter Concert Experience from 2014

powcardfrontv2“As a songwriter, I set my life to music . . . I paint songs like portraits.”

While “Portraits of White” includes all the trappings of an elegant Christmas concert–great music, a live orchestra, a beautiful and evocative venue–you will soon discover that it is much more than just another concert…

In “Portraits of White” singer/songwriter Frances Drost shares not only her talents and heartwarming original music, she also shares herself–her unique expressions of winter and of the holidays as rendered by her own experiences.  And she does so with uncompromising artistry as well as refreshing honesty.

Here are some of the comments Frances has received from her recent Portraits of White debut concert in Harrisburg, PA from her 2014 debut:

“Well, you did it! Did I have any doubts? Absolutely not! I will have to say you touched me on several levels. First, I had butterflies in my stomach Saturday morning for you, understanding your excitement of your dream about to be fulfilled and just wanting to be there and get on with it! Second, I had very high expectations going into it. I told my husband how fabulous it would be. I think he knew it would be of great quality and that he would enjoy it, but I don’t think he was prepared for the level of performance you gave. He was pretty much in awe and said you need a bigger stage! It was exactly what I was expecting and I was thrilled to be there and didn’t want it to end! I share in your joy and feeling of accomplishment and knowing that God was smiling down on you. Third, I was very much ministered to by your candid and transparent stories behind your musical creations. You shared how God was with you through each step, even in the disappointments. Everyone can relate to that. So this must be one of about 400 emails or Facebook messages you have gotten since Saturday evening. So just know that even though it’s hard to wind down after such intense work in preparation and the performance, now it’s over but it’s not over for those of us who were there, as it continues to ring in our ears and our mind’s eye. Great Job Frances! May God Be Praised!” – Nancy

“We couldn’t let a day go by without congratulating you on a marvelous and moving concert last night.   Our friends couldn’t stop talking about the evening……they said it is definitely going to be the highlight of their Christmas season!! You did make one glaring mistake, though…….because the evening was so wonderful, you’re almost obligated to make it an annual event!! (We’re putting in our ticket requests right now!) Thanks again for sharing your gifts. You touched many last night….HE was watching too.” – John

“Everyone, literally everyone, is talking about how great your concert was and how funny it was. We were so sorry to have to missed it but we are so happy that it was such a success. Dream fulfillment is a BIG DEAL!!!!!! Hope you plan another one soon and we and come. Roses, roses, roses to you.” – Don & Kitty

“I remember two years ago when you created the first spreadsheet with all the details that would have to come together to make this concert a reality.  Wow, wow, wow. Not only are your songs beautiful, but your showmanship was of professional caliber.  It was serious, funny, light and meaningful. Congratulations.  Allow yourself to feel God’s pleasure in what you have accomplished. It was THE BEST concert I have EVER been to in my life.” – Deb

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